Wildlife Refuges & Recreation Areas on the Creole Nature Trail

Five federal and state wildlife refuges and sanctuaries are an integral part of the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road. They are environmental treasures of great beauty and remarkable complexity waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Each offers unique opportunities to experience these natural environments that play an important role in North America's ecosystem. You can learn all about each of these refuges by selecting a refuge name on the left, or you can view the Creole Nature Trail Guide here.

Southwest Louisiana Refuge Complex Cameron Prairie, Sabine, and Lacassine National Wildlife Refuges (NWR) are three of the four refuges administered by the Southwest Louisiana NWR Complex. These NWRs share a common mission to preserve and maintain wintering habitats for waterfowl. Visit the Cameron Priare Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center and/or the Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point while you're visiting for more information.

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