Resilient Housing

The Resilient Housing for Southwest Louisiana project seeks to expand resilient and affordable housing for the region. One element of the project is a toolkit with practical strategies to help homeowners, builders, and organizations build new homes and retrofit existing homes that are stronger and safer against future storms. There are many resources for builders and homeowners who are building or rebuilding in the region, but they are often long and technical, requiring a high level of understanding about building and retrofitting.

The Resilient Housing toolkit focuses on being accessible while directing people to more detailed resources to learn more. The toolkit also includes a wider look at regional housing challenges, including strategies to mitigate flood insurance costs, the idea of middle neighborhoods and how to support neighborhoods before they begin to decline, and different types of housing to provide more choices than larger single-family detached homes on individual lots.

The Resilient Housing for SWLA project has three parts, the printing, and distribution of the guide; the idea of a demonstration project, a neighborhood where people can see strategies from the toolkit in action; and long-term uptake and use of the toolkit. A potential demonstration site is located at Fitzenreiter Road and Pear Street, owned by the affordable housing non-profit Project Build A Future.

Video by local high school students in the CPSB TV program


Securing flood insurance and sometimes even homeowners insurance is getting more and more challenging, and premiums are rising. Some of the Resilient Housing for Southwest Louisiana toolkit tools may help save money on flood insurance premiums, but all the techniques can help make homes safer.


In Cameron Parish, homes may need to be raised up higher and built with even stronger wind resistance. Resilient Housing for SWLA can help people understand why certain foundation types can help keep their home and the whole community safer and how to use these tools together to make homes stronger and safer against future storms.