Just Imagine SWLA

50-Year Resilience Master Plan for Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes

Facilitated by the Community Foundation Southwest Louisiana, this master plan distinguishes itself through its extent of regional collaboration. Two parishes, five cities, two towns, federal and state agencies, public authorities, school boards, elected officials, private industry, utility providers, universities and colleges, professional and civic organizations, non-profits, and everyday citizens came together to develop a shared vision for Southwest Louisiana. Consensus grew around a central theme - make Calcasieu and Cameron parishes great places to live for existing residents. You will continue attracting new residents, employers, employees, and investment that will lift up the entire region. Improving access to the region's beautiful natural amenities, expanding entertainment and cultural experiences, providing housing that individuals and families can afford, and investing in resilient infrastructure will strengthen our economy and prepare the region for the next 50 years.

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Building the Just Imagine SWLA Master Plan with Sara Judson, CEO Community Foundation

Learn more about the 11 catalytic projects of Calcasieu and Cameron parish's 50-year resiliency plan and how they are moving Southwest Louisiana forward.