Birding Between Borders

Birding Between Borders is the confluence of the Central and Mississippi Flyways in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana.

Birding & Beyond


Beaumont, TX & Lake Charles, LA

The region between these two areas/cities serves as a critical stopover for millions of birds migrating from the South. We invite you to our birding paradise with an elongated Spring Migration as birds continue to hug our coastline with the wonderful weather and abundance of food.

Ecologically, the region is comprised of a diverse array of habitats: Spring-fed sandy-bottomed streams run through mixed pine-hardwood forests; Coastal tallgrass prairie habitat melts into fresh, brackish, and saltwater marshes as you travel south towards the Gulf of Mexico; Patches of hardwood forests and coastal woodlands dominated by coast live oak (Quercus virginiana) and hackberry (Celtis laevigata) referred to as cheniers; Thorn-scrub habitat subsides to gulf beaches.

Central and Mississippi Flyway

Within a 90-mile radius, witness more than 34 birding hotspots, including Peveto Woods Sanctuary, Cameron Prairie NWR, Sabine NWR, Cattail Marsh, High Island, Anahuac NWR and Bolivar Flats Sanctuary. Many times referred to as the rail capitals of the world, with trips successfully sighting 3-5 rails, this includes black and yellow rails in late November or early December.

In addition to exceptional birding, these areas have so much more to offer. Varied local cuisines from seafood to Cajun to Creole to sushi and po-boys; breweries and distilleries; live music; casino gaming; championship golf; world-class spas; charter fishing or fishing from the pier/shore; photogenic historic districts, and the list goes on and on. The area also boasts a wide range of accommodations from budget to 4-star, from bed & breakfasts to casino resorts.

Birding Between Boarders is a collaborative partnership between Beaumont CVB and Southwest Louisiana CVB. Our goal is to enhance your birding experience across our region.

Where to See Birds

Cattail Marsh (SETX)

Includes 900-acres of scenic wetlands along with a boardwalk that features two covered platforms, providing access to incredible…

Peveto Woods (SWLA)

This small-but-potent patch of coastal woodlands was the first chenier sanctuary for migratory birds established in Louisiana.

Bolivar Flats (SETX)

A coastal birding habitat combination of salt marsh, midflats, and beach that produces consistent phenomenal birding.

Birding Guide & Checklist