Bayou Greenbelt


An interconnected network of blue and green trails, the Bayou Greenbelt will transform the quality of life, resilience, drainage, and connections to the natural environment and recreation. Trailheads and boat launches will provide access to new multi-use trails and bayous and coulees that are currently not accessible. The Bayou Greenbelt could become a beloved amenity, connecting people to that natural environment that makes SWLA special.


Bayou Greenbelt LogoIn March of 2021, Bayou Greenbelt was selected by the National Park Service as a project of their Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program (RTA). Representatives from the RTA program work in a consulting role to assist in activities like community engagement, the design of public spaces, and wayfinding. FEMA is also involved and interested in the potential drainage benefits for the city. The contract with the National Park Service and the Water Institute should be finalized soon, and then, the water modeling will move the project forward. Project founder Mike Nodier is currently working on a design for a kayak launch on Contraband Bayou by the SEED Center. In addition, LSU landscaping architecture students are inspired by Bayou Greenbelt and are working on supplemental plans to expand the project through proposals.  

The Bayou Greenbelt logo was designed by McNeese students in 2022:

Video by local high school students in the CPSB TV program