Visit Lake Charles is excited to announce the return of Chuck Eats Restaurant Week. The 10-day foodie event is happening from January 19 - 28, 2024. Chefs will showcase their unique dishes and culinary skills through prix fixe menus, captivating diners from Southwest Louisiana and beyond.



Start your day with a fresh cup of joe and French Toast with Sausage at Southern Spice, a staple in the Lake Area for nearly thirty years. The restaurant will offer this breakfast delight alongside other options, including Fried Shrimp Po-boy with Fries and Chicken and Sausage Gumbo in its Chuck Eats prix fixe multi-course menus for both breakfast and lunch.

"Being involved in this event will help spotlight us as a local restaurant," said Myron and Danita LeLeux, the restaurant owners.

The couple describes the restaurant as a family-friendly environment that offers reasonably priced Southern and Louisiana-style dishes.

They emphasize their warm hospitality: "We welcome guests into our restaurant in the same manner Southern people welcome others into their homes."


Southern SpiceSouthern Spice 2


AREA 337:

For Area 337's owner, Gustavo Garden, it's all about following grandma's recipes.

"It includes a lot of fresh ingredients and love," shares Garden.

Participating in Chuck Eats is an avenue for him to share his cultural heritage with both locals and visitors.

"I designed this menu to feature items that aren't available daily and showcase the diversity of our kitchen," he said. "Those who come for the first time will have the opportunity to experience what Area 337 is all about."

Area 337 will offer lunch and dinner prix fixe multi-course menus, including a Stuffed Pork Chop with Sweet Plantain Mofongo served with Mapostia'o Rice and a Piña Colada Crème Brûlée as one of the dessert options. 


Area 337Area 337 2



Making their return for Chuck Eats, Bodega Wine Dive is set to impress customers following some noteworthy home improvements.

“We’ve finally finished our kitchen redesign and expansion,” Ryan Kennedy, the restaurant’s manager and wine director, explained. “We’re capable of a lot more now, and with the help of Chef Lyle Broussard, we’ve slowly started rolling out some new items.”

The restaurant's four-course dinner prix fixe multi-course menu will feature various options, including classic brick oven pizzas and new dishes such as rigatoni alfredo with chicken. 

“What really inspired us to partner with Visit Lake Charles was the overall sense of community that these events bring to Southwest Louisiana,” Kennedy said. “We have such a rich and diverse array of restaurants, and an event that showcases what our small town is capable of in the culinary world is definitely something we want to be a part of.”


Bodega Wine Dive 1Bodega Wine Dive 2



At The Terrace, the opportunity arises to dispel misunderstandings.

"We'd love for everyone to know that The Terrace entrance is entirely separate from the Entertainment Complex, making it easy for you to enjoy a meal here, whether or not you're visiting Lake Area Adventures," said Amanda Cusey, the restaurant's executive chef. "In addition to our incredible menu, we have a bar that offers various refreshing adult specialty drinks."

The menu will feature some "fan favorites" like Bayou Shrimp and Shrimp and Grits along with exclusive specials like The Chuck Burger and Fried Bread Pudding— culinary creations tailored for Chuck Eats by the award-winning chef.


The TerraceThe Terrace 2



Driven by their passion for food, culture and health, Zeus is joining Chuck Eats.

"Beyond being delicious, Mediterranean food is wholesome and flavorful," said Aimy Akroush, the restaurant owner. "As small family business owners, we take pride in sharing the unique stories behind each menu item."

The lunch and dinner prix fixe multi-course menus will offer items such as the Spicy Chicken Shawarma Wrap, which won first place at Rouge et Blanc, and the Scratch-Made Zeus Burger, featuring a distinctive blend of Mediterranean spices.

Akroush shares that this is just a glimpse into their culinary journey, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to meet and serve more customers throughout the 10-day foodie event.


Zeus Mediterranean KitchenZeus Mediterranean Kitchen 2


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