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Southwest Louisiana is ideal for year-round visiting. Our sub-tropical climate allows us pleasant springs and falls, light and mild winters and warm humid summers. The best time in spring is April-May, when the weather is beautiful and not yet our temperate summer weather. Fall is likewise gorgeous, with October being the driest month of the year. In mid-summer, brief afternoon thunderstorms are common; mornings tend to be clear and sunny. Winter in Southwest Louisiana is calm with rare snowfall. It's the perfect place to spend time outdoors and enjoy mother nature's bounty year round.

Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana is conveniently located on I-10 and only a short drive from many major cities or quick direct flight into Lake Charles Regional Airport from various major cities in the South, separates you from your perfect getaway.

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Calcasieu Parish was created March 24, 1840, from the parish of Saint Landry, one of the original nineteen civil parishes established by…