The Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana has released a music video called “Hope.”

According to Foundation President and CEO Sara Judson, the name encompasses the message of the video.

“There is no doubt the hurricanes of 2020 have challenged us in ways we could have never imagined, but through it all we have never lost hope. Hope has sustained us through the months of recovery so far, and hope continues to fuel our resiliency as we work hard to rebuild Southwest Louisiana.”

Judson says the goal of the video is to celebrate the strength and spirit of the people who live here, and to help shift the focus from “what happened to us to what we are going to make happen and how we progress with the progress. Creating opportunity from the devastation of the storms is a commitment we all share and that’s what this song is about,” she adds.

The video features local performers singing on rooftops, which provides a literal representation of the song’s chorus, “Shout it from the rooftop, we’re coming back better than before.” Dancers, people enjoying life and other positive scenes of recovery across the region are also featured.

Gospel Choir from Hope Video

“The production of this video is the result of many talented people working together to basically create a hurricane recovery theme song for Southwest Louisiana,” says Judson. “From the moment the Healthy Image Marketing team came to us with the idea, the willing support of everyone involved has been incredible. Local music producers Ed Fruge and Michael A. McGowan brought the song to life. The United Christian Fellowship Church Choir, Mickey Smith Jr. Gyth Rigdon, Angie Manning, members of the St. Louis Show Choir and Lake Charles Dance Academy added their impressive performing talents. There are many others who contributed. Everyone we asked to participate, lend us a location or provide airtime said yes. It truly is a project from our community, for our community.”

Gyth Rigdon on a Roof

The Hope video is available on the Community Foundation’s website, and at the Rebuilding SWLA resource site,, and on both organization’s respective Facebook pages. Local television stations are also airing the video.  The Foundation is asking the community to show their support for hurricane recovery by sharing the video to their social media pages. “Sharing the message of this video within and outside our region will help keep the spotlight on our recovery in a very positive way,” says Judson. “Let’s send a loud, strong message that Southwest Louisiana is coming back, better than before.”