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Our branding research showed that Lake Charles is a mixture of contrasts. It’s what makes Lake Charles stand out when considering the abundance of casino resort experiences compared to the natural wonders found alongside the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road. The attitude of the people is friendly and outgoing, and the destination as a whole was described as a place to have fun, unwind and relax. Lake Charles is Louisiana’s Playground. Learn more about the research process or check out the video and marketing materials below.

Brand Description

“A Little Bit Country. A Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll.” While certainly not in the genre of Zydeco, this well-known song title just may be the definitive summary of Lake Charles. A blend of contrasts that magically works together in total harmony...

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A Cajun personality with a Texas flair. A love for big-city entertainment and a relished joy of nature. Bold and outspoken, yet equally laid-back and homey. Stylish and carefree — a little black dress paired with flip-flops.

That odd, enchanting mix of style and settings is experienced throughout Lake Charles. World-class resorts equally allure adults for the thrill of casino gaming as they do families seeking a weekend getaway of luxurious pools and winding lazy rivers. Majestic live oaks adorned in Spanish moss frame elegant homes along the shoreline of Lake Charles, starkly contrasting the mysterious bayous of Louisiana’s Outback and wide-open beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Po Boys on paper plates — as mouth-watering Cajun as the culinary art prepared by local chefs. Both incredibly delicious. Both equally Lake Charles. It’s where even an afternoon drive can take an unexpected twist — stunning scenery along the Creole Nature Trail becomes a tasting tour of every local’s favorite snack — Boudin. Here, over 75 festivals year-round celebrate all things Louisiana. Even Mardi Gras in Lake Charles brings its own unique contrast as more a family event, celebrating history and meaning.

To visit Lake Charles is to know Louisiana in all its variety. Lake Charles isn’t one flavor — one look. It’s a mixture of cultures and pursuits. Its people, artistically expressive, compassionate about nature, and united in their enthusiasm and eagerness to share. Lake Charles is the best of Louisiana infused into something irresistible. Fresh. A little spicy. And oh, so satisfying.

Visit Lake Charles Logos

The logo for Visit Lake Charles incorporates custom swash strokes emphasizing our close relationship with the waters of Lake Charles, the surrounding bayous and the Gulf of Mexico. The playful nature of the vertical “VISIT,” smaller “E” and swash strokes reflect Lake Charles’ spontaneous and casual personality.

Visit Lake Charles Color Logo sm

Visit Lake Charles Horizontal Color Logo

About the Tagline

The “Louisiana’s Playground” tagline communicates Lake Charles as THE place where visitors can relax, take time from the everyday, and pursue joy and pleasure. From the thrill of casino gaming to peaceful, serene natural settings, Lake Charles is a wide-open field of experiences.

Brand in Action

Visuals for the destination will be vibrant and show diversity. Extending Lake Charles beyond the city itself, the color palette utilizes hues and tones that connect the surrounding area, providing balance and harmony.

2019 Brand Color Palette

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My Southwest Louisiana Home

We hope you enjoyed this amazing video! If you are proud to call Southwest Louisiana home or just want to visit, share this video and copy/paste the below text on your social network of choice:

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By Angie Manning
When the CVB team embarked upon the task of showcasing not just "what" there is to experience in Southwest Louisiana, but really what it "feels" like to experience Southwest Louisiana through video, music also bubbled to the surface of the conversation. This corner of the state is showered with gifts from natural beauty to nature's bounty, and while it thrives with tradition, culture and mouthwatering cuisine, there is a sense of home mixed in with exciting nightlife. How can you capture all of that in a video?

Wendy Colonna 1My executive director, Shelley Johnson, and I felt that music was a huge part of the "My Southwest Louisiana Home" video project. How could we just pick an existing song to complement something as personal and intimate as capturing the magic of a place we love so much? We needed something original. Music sets the tone for the visual, and whenever thinking about who could write a song - like that - to evoke the spirit of the area and people, Wendy Colonna came to mind in an instant. Not only is Wendy from Southwest Louisiana, but she is a supremely talented songwriter who also happens to be a storyteller in her compositions.

Kayak SceneFor the video aspect, working with Adam Boozer and his team at Stowaway was completely seamless from concept to completion. Stowaway gets to the heart of the story of a destination, the emotion, smells, feelings, spirit of the people - those things that video cannot literally capture - need to somehow resonate for inspiring travel. Adam is gifted to be able to see what needs to be brought out and how to do it. For the past five years, Adam has partnered with the Charleston, SC, CVB on numerous web and television projects. Currently, Stowaway is in production on a series of projects with Kentucky Tourism in conjunction with Garden & Gun magazine. The CVB in Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana put together a one week shoot based on Adam's trip to scout the area and learn about our unique culture, and we were also able to partner with Parker Brand Creative. Everything fell into place, and the weather cooperated. Thanks to many volunteers and partners in tourism and local talent, we were able to piece together a fantastic video to showcase the area.

Wendy, who currently resides in Austin, TX, is known for her signature voice of grit-infused-honey, and her songs echo swampy-southern tales of loss, mortality, joy, reclaimed innocence andWendy Quote 2 celebration. Whenever filmmaker Adam Boozer of Stowaway, Wendy and I talked for the first time about the project of "My Southwest Louisiana Home," immediately, I could tell that this adventure was meant to be - all being on the same page artistically. Honestly, I didn't really know much about Wendy's recent accolades or anything about her commercial success with Coca-Cola or Starbucks before that conversation. I was going on intuition because I knew her as a person, musician and storyteller. After the first conversation, I think that everyone felt that the project was going to be something from the heart, and the wave of inspiration began for everyone involved.

Wendy and AngieFrom start to finish, glimmers of lyrics and themes came to mind like ingredients being put into a giant gumbo pot. At the end of the day, the song came together and was absolutely seasoned to perfection by Wendy's ability to make sense of all the ideas. Wendy came home to Lake Charles to record with Matt Moss (bass guitar), Brandon Ledet (accordion), Joel Savoy (fiddle), Sam Broussard (slide guitar) and Doug Gay (drums) - all Louisiana musicians. The song was recorded and mixed by Matt Moss at EMF Productions, located in Lake Charles Music Plaza. The CVB is proud to have its first commissioned song, "My Southwest Louisiana Home," and we are looking forward to sharing it with the world!

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