Guest Lauren Olsen, the president of the This is Home Fest board, joins host Brady and guest host Kathryn Shea on Louisiana’s Playground to discuss Home Fest’s 4th annual celebration! The trio dives into the inspiration for the festival, what to expect and what could be next for one of Lake Charles’ premier music experiences. 



Lauren Olsen first moved to Southwest Louisiana for a summer internship nearly a decade ago. Today, she and her husband both work as engineers in the local chemical industry and together they proudly call Lake Charles home. Originally from the Northshore of New Orleans, Lauren's roots run deep in the culture and vibrancy of the state. 

In 2021, Lauren attended This Is Home Fest and was captivated by its impact on the community. From showcasing unique musical acts to enriching the cultural fabric of Southwest Louisiana, she recognized the festival's potential to enhance the quality of life in the region. Inspired by the festival's mission, Lauren joined the board and now proudly serves as president for the 2024 festival year. 

With a deep commitment to fostering community connections and celebrating local talent, Lauren brings her vision and leadership to This Is Home Fest, ensuring that it continues to be a beacon of creativity, inclusivity, and joy for all who attend.  



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