Ultimate Guide to Mardi Gras in Lake Charles 

Now through March 5, 2019

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Parade Routes:

To keep things easy, we've lined up maps of the various parade routes for you. Check out the maps here

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This is where knowing the parade route will help. Park near the route, but be sure to follow the parking rules.

Check the weather: 

The weather is as much a toss-up as the beads thrown in the parade. It can be very warm, or it can be cold. It can be sunny or rainy. It is a day outdoors, so plan accordingly: wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and layered clothing. At Mardi Gras, you can use your umbrella to catch beads or shield the rain!

Get There Early:

Parade routes can look empty one moment, but the crowd size can swell fast within an hour or two of the parade.

Wear the Colors:

What better way to celebrate Mardi Gras than by wearing its traditional colors of purple, green and gold. Visit the many local party stores to pick up great shirts, hats, and beads to wear during all the great festivities.

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Talk the Talk: 

‘Throw me something, Mister’ is what you yell while waving your arms to catch souvenirs as floats go by.  As beads, cups, doubloons and other Mardi Gras treasures are tossed your way try your best to catch them. Here are a few other Mardi Gras words you might want to learn. 

Be prepared:

Some people get so overcome with excitement they will occasionally jump in front of you to grab what a rider has thrown to you. Don't get into a tug-o-war....there are many more floats on the way! If you're from far away, bring a sign saying where you are from. It may garner the float's attention.

Don't reach down to pick up beads, doubloons, etc. unless you are very careful!  Put your foot on it, and when it's safe (between floats), you can bend down to pick it up.

Do not run into the street between floats for a trinket! Floats cannot stop on a dime.

Celebrate All Day:

Fat Tuesday parades and events begin 8 AM and last until the sun goes down! Bring a tote for all of your Mardi Gras treasures, an ice chest with plenty of snacks and drinks and scope out potty options ahead of time.  

Plan your meals ahead: 

Many restaurants along the parade route will close or not allow entry or departure during the parades. You may opt to eat street vendor food or pack your own snacks and sandwiches. It will be a long day, so plan ahead! Also, bring wet wipes or tissues with you to clean up before eating. Your hands will get very dirty, and it won't be easy to find a sink and soap.

Bring the family: 

The parades are for families, too! You can bring blankets and picnic baskets, and get there early to enjoy the day. As parade time nears, the crowd will gather everywhere, and you'll have to put up the blankets and ice chests. Don't be surprised if someone jumps on your blanket to reach a pair of beads!