As part of National Plan for Vacation Day (NPVD) on Tuesday, Jan. 31, Visit Lake Charles is encouraging everyone to plan time off for the year, and also, invite friends and family to visit Southwest Louisiana during 2023.


NPVD is a day to inspire Americans to plan their vacation days for the whole year and use those days to explore the USA. This day highlights the importance of taking time off to travel both for personal wellbeing and for the overall economic prosperity of the nation.

“Whether it’s planning to travel or taking time off to explore nearby attractions, research shows that taking time off improves professional performance and strengthens personal relationships. We encourage everyone to use National Plan for Vacation Day as a day to plan to take their valuable time off for the year,” said Kyle Edmiston, President/CEO of Visit Lake Charles.


Visit Lake Charles also encourages residents of Southwest Louisiana to enrich their relationships with friends and family who live outside the area by inviting them to visit Louisiana’s Playground in 2023. From the great outdoors to luxurious resorts, new attractions, culinary and cultural experiences, there is so much to do in the Lake Area. Check out the blog 23 Reasons to Visit Lake Charles in 2023 to see some the top reasons to explore our part of Louisiana in 2023.


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