Press Tour Guidelines

Our unique Cajun paradise offers something different around every corner, and we invite media and travel writers to see it all for themselves. To accomplish our objectives and yours in an effect manner, we ask your cooperation in the following guidelines:

Vetting Process:

  • The Visit Lake Charles hosted media vetting process is on a case-by-case basis. The extent of in-destination hosting is dependent upon the quality of work that the journalist/blogger has produced, and not solely on the publication/number of followers.
    •  Each writer is fully vetted to ensure they will reach targeted audiences for Visit Lake Charles, aligning with the strategic priorities of the destination.
  • We accept media members that are not necessarily on a specific assignment, as a visit to the destination provides them with ideas and inspiration for future pitches. This has been very effective so far and aligns with industry best practices.

Travel Reimbursement Process:

  • Visit Lake Charles will reimburse up to $500 in travel expenses unless approved otherwise by Visit Lake Charles. If media is coming just to Visit Lake Charles, we ask that they book their own flight to Lake Charles Regional Airport and rental car, and then submit an invoice after their visit. If they are driving to the destination, Visit Lake Charles asks that they submit mileage reimbursable at the current IRS Standard Mileage Rate after their visit.
  • Once their invoice and corresponding itemized receipts have been received post-visit, a check request is submitted to the Visit Lake Charles finance department, which will then be approved by Visit Lake Charles President/CEO, and then a reimbursement check will be mailed. 

Itinerary Coordination:

  • During a hosted media trip, Visit Lake Charles covers accommodations, excursions, attraction visits, and meals within the destination. 
    • Lodging: If not able to secure a comped room, Visit Lake Charles will allow a $99 per night/per room maximum cost, unless approved otherwise by Visit Lake Charles. Visit Lake Charles will secure the rooms on behalf of the media and send appropriate details in a timely manner. 
    • Dining: If not comped, the full price will be paid for dining experiences for the hosted media that align with the itinerary or assignment. Visit Lake Charles tips up to 20% in consideration of discounts provided by partners. If media brings a vetted guest along, this guest is required to pay for their own dining. Visit Lake Charles will give a $60 per day stipend, not to exceed $250 per stay, for food if a CVB representative is not present at meals. Alcohol is not reimbursable. Corresponding itemized receipts should be submitted post-trip and will be reimbursed once approved.
    • Attraction and excursion fees will be covered for the hosted writer. Corresponding itemized receipts should be submitted post-trip and will be reimbursed once approved.
  • Selection of accommodations, excursions, attractions, and dining options depends upon:
    • Interest and specific requests by visiting media, including what their audiences will be most interested in learning about, generating additional awareness and visitation for the region
    • Length of stay
  • Visit Lake Charles provides itineraries that are completely tailored toward the specific media visiting the destination.
  • Visit Lake Charles usually recommends a stay of around three nights, so that media can explore the different personalities and experiences that our region offers.
  • If media is coming from further afield and is interested in setting up a longer, more regional visit with other neighboring destinations, Visit Lake Charles will help coordinate the itinerary and will split the travel reimbursement costs between CVBs.