Southwest Louisiana isn't called Sportsman's Paradise for no reason. Anglers are sure to spend an unforgettable time on our waterways. Plan a guided charter or be the captain of your boat as you navigate the waters. Whether freshwater fishing for largemouth bass on the Calcasieu River or saltwater fishing for redfish along the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road, you're sure to reel in a good time. Angling adventures await!


Among the top three species to reel in, largemouth bass, crappie, and blue catfish reign supreme when it comes to freshwater fishing. Along the Creole Nature Trail, you'll find the Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge, nestled in the heart of this aquatic haven, which offers a prime spot for anglers seeking the thrill of catching these freshwater giants. Additionally, the Calcasieu River is a hotspot for crappie enthusiasts, providing an ideal environment for this sought-after species. For those targeting the mighty blue catfish the possibilities are vast—from the tranquil waters of the Calcasieu and Sabine Rivers to the dynamic surroundings of the Intracoastal Waterway.



Explore the waterways of Southwest Louisiana with Captain Paula on a 2-hour cruise or inland fishing trip down Contraband Bayou, Lake Charles, and Prien Lake with Self-Fish Dreams. This complimentary service is available for seniors, disabled, and people who are otherwise unable to experience boating and fishing adventure. 

elderly woman fishing with Self-fish Dreams
Navigating the Freshwater of Southwest Louisiana with Self-fish Dreams, local non-profit that provides seniors, disabled, and handicapped people the opportunity to enjoy fishing and boat riding.

Set out on a coastal angling journey along the Creole Nature Trail, where the waters teem with prized catches. The spotted seatrout, also known as speckled trout, graces the coastal marshes along this scenic trail, making its presence felt in renowned locales such as Big Lake, Sabine Lake, and the Hackberry marshes around Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. Casting your line in Calcasieu or Prien Lake water presents yet another opportunity to reel in this coveted species. 

Red drum, or redfish, also thrive in these coastal waters, offering anglers a consistent and exciting catch. Prepare to encounter the mighty red drum during your time in Big Lake and Sabine Lake waters. For those seeking the elusive southern flounder, the areas between Sabine and Calcasieu, particularly the estuarine places, are prime territories. Achieving the remarkable feat of catching all three species in a single day is affectionately referred to as a Cajun Grand Slam!

fisherman holding medium sized drum
Cast a few lines along the Gulf Coast shores on a fishing charter with Grosse Savanne.

Venture on an offshore fishing expedition along the Gulf of Mexico, where a trio of sought-after species awaits your skilled cast. The red snapper, known for its delectable taste and formidable cobia, makes its habitat near offshore rigs in the Gulf, offering anglers an exciting challenge. Keep a keen eye out for the elusive tripletail, a species that occasionally graces the waters of Calcasieu Lake but predominantly resides offshore. Whether you're drawn to the delectable red snapper, the powerful cobia, or the occasional sight of tripletail, Southwest Louisiana's offshore fishing promises an exciting and diverse marine adventure.

fisherman holding fish toward camera
Explore deeper waters on a fishing charter for a bountiful catch like the Redfish pictured.

For individuals aged 18 or older, securing a Basic Fishing License is a prerequisite for recreational fishing in Louisiana waters. Additional licenses may be required based on the specific location and method of fishing. Recreational fishing licenses and permits can be obtained online from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at

No matter where you embark in Southwest Louisiana, the possibilities for a unique angling adventure and the coveted Grand Slam are as abundant as the waterways that traverse the area. Visit our fishing guide for more information including a list of boat launches, cleaning tips, and fishing and hunting license guidelines. Plan your fishing trip today!