Tucked away along the rolling golf greens of The National Golf Club of Louisiana, The Max stands tall with its six gables and majestic presence. The impressive architecture is a clue into how much detail and imagination was used to create this masterpiece of an experience! The Max restaurant itself is on the second floor of the building with the first floor completely dedicated to the 75-plus fleet of golf carts. My partner in blogging-crime, Kathryn Shea Duncan, and I approached the building in jaw-dropping awe since the entire look of The National was so different from the last time we had been out to the course. We walked in and pushed the shiny elevator button in great anticipation of what awaited us - The Max! 

Once the elevator doors slid open on the second floor with a “ping” sound, we immediately soaked in the atmosphere - with Kathryn’s cameras and my blogging pen! The ceilings were twenty feet high which added to the airy feel of the place with light colored wood and a wall of towering windows facing the golf course. We met up with Gerry Pockat who is the general manager and David Kaspar, the director of golf, to give us the inside scoop. I sat down at the sleek, modern table and dove into conversation while looking around with childlike wonder. 

To the left of the entrance is a large bar area with seating and high-top tables. There is a freestanding wall that separates the bar and restaurant, but all together the place seats 120. The outside patio porch is the perfect place to have a glass of wine or a cold one while watching the sunset, and it’s spacious with seating for 50. Bonus, it has a screened in porch to keep out pesky mosquitos – or as one of my friends jokes – “our honorary state bird!”  

I took a quick glance over the menu, and yep, this place is going to be popular! Gerry said that The Max is owned by the City of Westlake and as a public place, they wanted everyone to be able to enjoy it. Even though The Max has an elegant flair, the prices are affordable, and people can come as they are to enjoy traditional Louisiana cuisine. Gerry went on to explain that the sauces and flavors are more Creole in nature, and I have to say that it’s the kind of flavorful spiciness that will win everyone over!  


So, if you like crab cakes, oysters (on the half shell, charbroiled or baked), fried alligator, chicken wings, shrimp cocktail, Cajun pork skins or anything drizzled with remoulade sauce, you’ll love the appetizers. Oh, and “The Max” fries are loaded - to the max! Talk about the largest fries I have ever seen seasoned with chili peppers and Creole spices topped with étouffée, shredded gouda, sour cream and tasso! I’m just saying, as a local, I have seen some over-the-top presentations in my day, but this was a “wow” moment!  


The Max Fries


The charbroiled oysters were topped with a mixture of parmesan, tasso and spicy Creole seasoning, and the tasso butter that infused itself into the tasty dish is made in house by their very own executive chef, Chef Mike Richard! 

Charbroiled Oysters


Mike came out to visit with us, and I had to know where he was from! He said that he grew up in Thibodaux, Louisiana. He had experience at a variety of restaurants at L’Auberge and Golden Nugget prior to being recruited to create a menu from the ground up and become the executive chef over at The Max. I could tell it was a labor of love as he energetically explained the flavors, techniques and background/inspiration behind the different dishes that he prepared for us while Kathryn was methodically snapping photos and videos of the colorful dishes. 

Meet Chef Mike Richard


So, the crab cakes – y’all. Instead of tasting the crab cakes, I straight up ate one completely. I could not help myself! Chef Mike brought out one that was baked and topped with Gulf crab coated with toasted panko and sautéed in seasonings with remoulade sauce. The other one was pan seared with remoulade sauce for dipping … drooling more like it! 

Crab Cakes


The redfish on the half shell! This fish is de-lish! The redfish was served with lemon butter and lump crab meat along with Cajun rice and asparagus. Yum. 

Redfish on the Half Shell


The steaks are charbroiled on their Montague infrared broiler, which seals in the flavor. I might get in trouble because I have always said that my husband makes the best steaks, so I get disappointed when I eat steaks in a restaurant. BUT, yeah, not this time! The tenderness was unreal. 

Charbroiled Steak


What better way to close out a meal than with traditional bread pudding – served with vanilla ice cream and bourbon caramel sauce? 

Southern Bread Pudding


If you are feeling particularly sinful, adult shakes are on the menu too: Brandy Alexander, N’Orleans Banchi, Kahlua Coffee & Cream, Louisiana Mudslide, Boozy buttered rum float and The Mad Max.  


Right next door to the restaurant, you can check out the Pro Shop, sign up for lessons if you need to work on your swing or pick out some of the latest gear for hitting the greens! David Kaspar and his staff will get you back on your game! 

Pro Shop


Special Note: 

The Max restaurant is named after the late Coach Frank “Max” Caldarera who was the head football coach at Westlake High School from 1977 to 2011. He was inducted into the Louisiana High School Sports Hall of Fame. 

Hours are 10:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday-Friday, with the bar open until 11 p.m., and 10:30 a.m. - 10 p.m. with the bar open until midnight on Saturdays and Sundays.

Call for reservations: 337-485-7629.